Hi, i'm an artist who is searching new ways for living better and being strong; An One Piece fan too

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Posted by SarahRBC - 2 weeks ago



Posted by SarahRBC - November 4th, 2022

I'm gonna upload all my not-complete songs today, it includes old and new ones so if you see thousands of new songs on my feed, the reason is

Will someone even read this? Anyways, i will upload "all" my bad and etc songs here so i can receive more judges to improve it

A lot of them are lazy songs.

That's it have a good day!

(Not all of the songs are here because i lost some of them)



Posted by SarahRBC - October 28th, 2022

Are you happy today? :Diu_785928_7550348.webp

Posted by SarahRBC - October 3rd, 2022

There you are.. we are suffering a worldwide crisis making us tired of everything and whishing it was already over.. no, we still have a long time ahead of choices and pain, joy, sorrow, despair, hope, falldown, etc... be honest with the things you say and help everyone you can right now.. because only the true heart will be saved at eternity with God. Nothing is perfect here so stay warned of reality always, follow him so you're fine even when hurt on planet earth because the truth can change everything around mate! We will suffer together, but have a smile on your' face because right now you can do something about it :)

Thanks everyone who follow and likes what i post here or not here i'll make some music soon like afternoon or night, well have a great day because there is hope!


Posted by SarahRBC - June 8th, 2022

Hello everyone, my computer broke so i'm using a mobile daw oh and here is a random advice even if i'm not good with that

everything should be hard to keep things awaken, if there is nothing that makes you happy, start looking at a way for smilling even when you can't. Nobody actually hates you and nothing really is impossible, do not allow bad energy with you so be strong, handle life and you can get what you really want!

Anyways i hope i get good someday for making a real music collab with someone



Posted by SarahRBC - October 13th, 2021

I hope y'all have a nice halloween! Finally i'm going to learn sound design, and improve, so yeah, idk a lot but someone pls be my friend or help me at this? Maybe a collab? I have the trial fl studio 20, my discord is ValentinLight#0611

Anyways, thank you for who follow me, even with this hard time, you are enough to make me happy!


Posted by SarahRBC - January 8th, 2021

Yup, i'm back, i now can do more musics! Thanks for a lots of fans! Oh, and happy new year!



Posted by SarahRBC - October 14th, 2020

I can't do musics for a long time, because happened something, so i will do a pause here.


Posted by SarahRBC - September 1st, 2020

A lot of my musics it's really, the sad style. But this is because every music i feel something when composing the song. Every day were happening a lot of sad things, and i was keeping more sad and sad. But then i knew that this is happening because i'm changing myself to another level, i'm growing. I don't feel more sad than before, but i'm still proud of doing musics. I'm learning every music i do, with the guys. Thank you for commenting at my musics, this makes me continue, and i feel so happy!!! Don't give up at your dreams. Sometimes sad or bad things happens to encorage you for learn how to live the real life. You learn with all mistakes you do. I say, don't care for things the angry or bad people say, Live because you was born, and this means you need to live. Life is hard, but don't give up, never! I know it's so much hard but, this is how things works.